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We deliver high-quality services, consults and resources to help businesses and their employees improve performance. We take pride in our strong partnerships with the organizations and individuals we serve. Locally. Nationally. Globally.

  • Great Local Networking: Having 25+ years working experience in Iran makes us very familiar with culture and networks, processes and procedures in achieving results securely as well as promptly.
  • Great International Experience: Having work experience in Europe, North America, and with multinational companies makes us more customized than anyone else in Iran.
  • Trusted Advisors: Having high calibre specialists in our related fields with high level of education and experience makes us trustful for our clients.
  • Collaborative and High-Achieving culture: We are not such consultants to say just good things with no actions and results, we are more streamlined and results-focused for our clients.

Global Network:

Becoming Member of InterSearch, worldwide organization of executive search firm:

  • Established in 1989, 90 offices in 50 countries one of the largest Executive Organizations around the world.
  • Each member committed to high professional and ethical services.
  • Shared Values built around the global partnerships we forge with our clients: reliability, quality, effective & open communication with both clients and candidates as well as between InterSearch partners involved in cross-border projects.
  • Focus on cross- border Executive Search to large and small corporations through personalized and flexible services.
  • In-depth local knowledge of each job market as well as reliable information on compensation, industry trends and talent pools.
  • Consistency in processes, services and delivery across the network, overseen by Standards and Quality Committee.
  • Worldwide frame agreements with key clients.
  • International Training Academy for consultants and researchers & International Best Practices.

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