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A long history of serving many of local and national companies means we really understand the unique business challenges companies face better than most consultancies. At IHH, we understand that every company we work with is different. So we start out by asking questions and listening. As your thought partner, we work with you to create a shared vision of the future. Only when we fully understand your needs and challenges, then we make recommendations for result-oriented solutions that are practical and realistic for your business world.
Regardless of project size, we apply our proven Consulting Model to determine and deliver the best services to achieve your goals while keeping your company running efficiently and profitably.


We are a Team of HR experienced consultants with more than 20 years of experience in Iran working with reputable International firms in Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Cement and Banking industries, FMCG, Telecommunications and IT. Our team efficiently and effectively will identify your needs, provide the right materials, best services, practical solutions, right connections and on time advice to achieve your goals and set up your business in Iran.

         IHH Services


  1. Headhunting, Executive Search and Recruiting
  2. Assessment for Recruitment & Development
  3. Outsourcing Staff and Payroll
  4. Labour Law Handbook
  5. All Types of Visas
  6. Compensation & Benefits Strategy
  7. Job Evaluation and Salary Table
  8. Performance Management System
  9. Organization Design and Job Analysis
  10. HR Strategy
  11. Management & Employee Training & Development (Cultural Awareness Training)
  12. HR on Demand and Solutions
  13. Employee Engagement & Retentions
  14. Coaching
  15. Labour Market Analysing
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