Team of experts


Ralph Spangenberg


Ralph held various Senior Leadership Roles in Human Resources Management over the last 30 years. So he was Member of the Executive Board and CHRO of Media-Saturn Holding, Armstrong World Industries, Schneider Electric, International Vintners & Destillers, Bank of America and American Express. His regional responsibility reached from Europe to Asia up to Australia.

Ralph acted as Honorary Judge on German Labour Courts, he obtained various assignments in Employer Associations of different industries and on several Supervisory Boards, i. e. in Spain, India, China and Russia.

He is an outstanding authority in all Human Resources related areas, particularly in global Talent Management and international Labour Relations.

Bahram Rajabi, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Bahram has worked in HR and Administration since 1987. During his career life he acted as VP HR, HR Director and Manager, HR Consultant and Member of Board in several local and international companies.
Beside of working with different companies in Iran, Europe, Middle East and Canada, Bahram got his Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Development in 2009 to combine extensive experience with academic knowledge and education.

Ali Azizian

Managing Partner,
Outsourcing Staff & Payroll

Ali got his bachelor degree in accounting and has more than 30-years experiences in outsourcing staff and payroll. He is General Manager of “Golden House” company affiliated by IHH.
Through Golden House, Ali provides services in high qualify to local and international companies in Iran. Ali has extensive experience and knowledge about Iran Labor Low, Social Insurance and also tax.

Mozhgan Agha Mohammadi, Ph.D.

Managing Partner,
Assessment Center

Mozghan has been graduated in Health psychology-PhD in 2004. She is experienced in Job Assessment, individual development consultant, psychology Consultant, recruitment consultant and Company consultancy & training.

She is qualified in performing personality & intelligence tests, behavioral interviews, competency base interviews, evaluating the behavioral and EQ tests to find job talents.

She is specialized in performing the below courses:
Individual Development & Technics of Effective Communication, Body Language Training, Attitude and Behavioral Change, Attitude Errors and Its Impact on the Organization, Stress & Excitement Management, Mutual Behavior, Self-Confidence, Active Meeting Participation, Target & Planning, Motivation Therapy, Active Listening, Resolving Interpersonal Challenges, Define Competencies Based on Organizations Structure, Interpersonal Problem Identification and Its Impact on Organization Performance, Job Stress Causes and Resolving Them, Study the Impact of Job Stress on Different Personality Taskforces, Resolving Behavioral Contradictions, and Teamwork Training.

Solmaz Mashreghzamini

Managing partner,

Solmaz has gained her HR experience in senior management with leading local multinational companies as LG, Cellpack, SaravaPars, As a professional in this field she is capable of balancing strategy, planning and daily operations. She has extensively worked in head hunting and employee relations and is a great Team worker.

Having an extensive experience in work with different generations from baby boomers to millennials, from HRM to HRD and GA mixed with academic background in HR MBA from Tehran University.”

Marziyeh Azimi

Managing Partner,
Training and Development

Marziyeh started her career as “HR Generalist” and then she moved to training and Development. She developed policy and procedure in training and development for different companies based on ISO 10015 and Kirk Patrick Model.
She is expert in Training processes such as Needs Analysis, Planning and Execution, Effectiveness Evaluation. She has managed lots of Training program for different companies.


Donna Marie Lumba

Managing Partner,
Visa and Expatriates Affairs

Donna has obtained her Degree in the Philippines and is an English native speaker. With her background, she has several years of experience as Head hunter and Senior Coordinator in different multinational companies in the Philippines.
She has joined the multinational companies in Iran and is well known with the standards & cultures of such companies. She has gained her experience in different fields such as Telecom, Oil and Energy, Travel and Tourism. She has 23 years of experience as Training Manager, Senior Coordinator, Travel Manager, PA to Managing Director, IT Support and Events Manager with Companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Statoil and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) both in Iran & Philippines.

Omid Ghiasian

Senior Expatriates
Affairs Advisor

Omid with his Technical background has almost 30 years of experience in a vast range of different working fields mainly in IT Networking, Telecom, Transportation, Health and Recreation. In some areas, he has worked exclusively as project contractor to some market leader companies as well.
He has experienced working as IT Networking Management, Facility Management, Real State, Office Setup, Administration Manager and Senior Project Manager, both in national and multinational firms such as Nokia, Jooya Health and Recreation co., Jamineh, Daimler, Pars Tir, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN).

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