Visa and Expatriates

As IHH knows settling business on a new market has some challenges for expatriates and many questions may arise specially on long stays certainly when family involves:

“Will we find a proper location for office? …” How will be my visa or my family visa …? “Will we like the city?” … “Will we find a nice home?”…” “Can our kids go to an English speaking school?”


Our Job is to make it easy and secure


We provide services designed to save you time and smoothen your way on settlement. We assist you with bureaucracy, administrative issues, cultural and language barriers, and many other things. Our teams experience in various business areas in international / multinational industries has brought us strategies on expatriates’ demands.

Our aim is to simplify your process by the services we provide with respecting the Professionalism, Trust and Confidentiality.



Visa process cannot be easy sometimes, our visa service will assist you to obtain the right visa considering your demands on relocation. Our experts can help you to facilitate this process easy, secure, prompt and smooth in different types of visas:

  • Upon arrival
  • Single visa
  • Multiple visa
  • Work visa and permit
  • Residency, Exit and re-entry visas
  • Family residential upon work visa (Dependent Visa)

Business Relocation Services


For having business, you need to open an office and on opening your office we can assist on:

  • Searching for suitable office space or a business center
  • Managing rental contracts
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Organizing office insurance
  • Purchasing or hiring of office furniture and equipment



  • Hotel consultancy
  • Real state residential location and consultancy

 Family support services


  • Residential area/location
  • Schooling
  • Iran culture
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