Our full range Recruiting service provides a scale-able solution for recruiting executives and staff personnel for companies of any size. We provide a solution for the ongoing Direct Source Research for any job category or position. This gives us the ability to provide you with strong candidates who may not be actively seeking a change of employment at the present time. This service includes the generation of resumes and a concise pre-screening process. Unlike other recruitment agencies, our research team will survey the candidate’s motivation and suitability based upon your screening criteria such as competencies, leadership style, personality, and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Executive Search


When clients need highly skilled professionals with the expertise and knowledge to fit their needs, our team will identify professionals in a wide range of candidates. We are the leading Human Resources Executive Searcher in Iran and can recruit top Executives from around the world in a wide range of professions.

Our team has a proven procedure on search for executives, managements, specialists and staffing along with a wide range of candidates to fit your positions profile. We assess candidate’s competencies and perform Behavioral Assessment Tests, Competency Based, and Behavioural interviews to make sure we comply with the market culture and your organizational culture. These insights enable our consultants to recruit premium applicants.



  • Diagnostic study

“Position Profile”

  • Position
  • Job Description
  • Requirements
  • Experience
  • Competencies



  • Research

“Long list”

  • Database research
  • Market Research
  • Identifying potential candidates



  • Evaluation of Candidates

“Short list”

  • Interviews
  • Assessments



  • Selection


  • Organizing Final interviews with client
  • Reference Check
  • Organizing Job Offer appointments
  • Feedback to unsuitable candidates



By having more than 25 years working experience in market of Iran, we know many qualified candidates who are looking for new work environment and challenges. They are working in different job levels and industries.



hiring huge amount of employees such as manual workers, drivers, watchmen, operators, Technicians, experts, specialist and so on during last 25 years makes us perfect in recruiting of this type of employees.

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