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Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning which is also called as Human Resource Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization. Human Resource Planning has got an important place in the arena of industrialization. Human Resource Planning has to be a systems approach and is carried out in a set procedure. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Analysing the current manpower inventory
  2. Making future manpower forecasts
  3. Developing employment programmes
  4. Design training programmes

Steps in Manpower Planning

  • Analysing the current manpower inventory- Before a manager makes forecast of future manpower, the current manpower status has to be analysed. For this the following things have to be noted-
  1. Type of organization
  2. Number of departments
  3. Number and quantity of such departments
  4. Employees in these work units

Once these factors are registered by a manager, he goes for the future forecasting.

  • Making future manpower forecasts- Once the factors affecting the future manpower forecasts are known, planning can be done for the future manpower requirements in several work units.

The Manpower forecasting techniques commonly employed by the organizations are as follows:

  1. Expert Forecasts: This includes informal decisions, formal expert surveys and Delphi technique.
  2. Trend Analysis: Manpower needs can be projected through extrapolation (projecting past trends), indexation (using base year as basis), and statistical analysis (central tendency measure).
  • Work Load Analysis: It is dependent upon the nature of work load in a department, in a branch or in a division.
  1. Work Force Analysis: Whenever production and time period has to be analysed, due allowances have to be made for getting net manpower requirements.
  2. Other methods: Several Mathematical models, with the aid of computers are used to forecast manpower needs, like budget and planning analysis, regression, new venture analysis.
  1. Developing employment programmes- Once the current inventory is compared with future forecasts, the employment programmes can be framed and developed accordingly, which will include recruitment, selection procedures and placement plans.
  2. Design training programmes- These will be based upon extent of diversification, expansion plans, development programmes, etc. Training programmes depend upon the extent of improvement in technology and advancement to take place. It is also done to improve upon the skills, capabilities, knowledge of the workers.

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Outsourcing Staff


With our Outsourcing Staff service, you can sit back and leave the risk and bureaucracy to us. We will take care of all the laws and regulations as well as the employees’ problems to give you the outmost time to dedicate on your business goals effectively and efficiently. By this service we sign employment contracts with employees, pay their salaries, social insurances, taxes, and dealing with grievances as well as terminations while they are working for you.

We bring down the risks for employers who hesitate to get involved in administration and contractual legal time consuming issues. We will be the contractual connection between you and your staff. Our history with various employers on different businesses has shown us; outsourcing staff contractually is more cost and time efficient than direct hiring.



One of our services is payroll. By this service we pay to employees who are working for you and we are responsible for calculations and legal topics such as Social insurance, Tax and all benefits based on Labor law. Our experience, research, and tracking of dozens of payroll services has highlighted the practical procedures of payroll from A to Z. Our outsourcing manpower package saves time for your resources to use their competencies towards your core business.

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