Training and Development

Your business’s employees and mostly human resources team are its most important pillars – a team that is responsible for ensuring the right people are hired, managed, and tasked to help your business grow and develop.

Because IHH serves such an important role, it’s essential that your HR team – from entry-level employees to managers – has the skills required to hire and help your employees succeed in their jobs. IHH provides different training courses to develop your employees especially your HR team as following:


Professional Human Resources Management


This program is designed for HR professionals or who likes to be HR professionals. This program covers all HR practices in workshop style with some practices. This program includes 5 modules


Module 1: Job Analysis, Recruitment & Competency Based & Behavioural Interview

Module 2: Job Evaluation & Compensation Strategy

Module 3: Performance Management & KPIs

Module 4: Training Needs Analysis and Assessment

Module 5: Employee Retention

Cultural Awareness Training


This course is designed for foreigners to be familiar with Iranian Culture. Obviously for doing business in any country, being familiar with that country’s culture and customs is very important and vital. This course is designed as a two-day workshop.


Recruitment, Competency Based and Behavioural Interview


This is a two-day workshop especially for HR team and Line Managers who are involved with recruiting and interviewing. This is a full course defines A to Z of recruiting process such as Job posting, CV collecting and screening, different types of interviewing, Psychometric testing, and so on.


Job Evaluation Models and Compensation Strategy


This is a course for teaching different models of Job Evaluation and also defining Pay Strategy based on company’s needs. This course is a two-day workshop. In this course you will learn how to reduce some issues such as sickness, lack of participation and involvement, lack of innovation, and lack of motivation by defining different pay strategies.

Time Management


This is one-day course to teach attendees how to use their time much more effectively and efficiently. In this course a technique would be demonstrated for making your time efficient and effective.


Team Building and Working


Team building and team working are both important for businesses today. This one-day workshop is designed for managers to know how to build a team with defining different roles for different members. In addition, this course teaches how to improve team working.


IHH designs training plan for its clients based on Needs Analysis through Skills Gap Analysis method and assessing Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

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